ALAN PERREARD, Passion lives with filmmaking.


Passion lives with filmmaking.

Director Alan Perreard has always had a passion for filmmaking and a keen eye for story.

Although he was an avid mountainbiker, surfer and motocross rider, Alan realized it was filming his friends that offered the most promise for his future.
“I realized I could still be around the things I love thanks to my camera,” Alan says. “My passion was born of the simplicity of seeing my friends smiling when they watched themselves at the end of each day. »

While dirtbikes is his mainstay, Alan has worked with numerous action sports athletes and in 2014 at the adge of 17, realized his first movie « Tixier » with the help of Nicolas Paulmier. He also worked with different agencies like « La Clef » that allowed him to work for some international brands like Sephora, Red Bull or Dior. For the past five years, his camera take him in the mtb world.
TGOTAN, produced by The Forest Crew is the culmination of one year of filming in remote freeride locations from France. “I spend my time to watch new contents and films,” Alan says. Ty Evans, Christopher Nolan, Wes Williams and George Lucas are some of his inspiration. As for action sports, the Coastal Crew mtb videos, Hurley series and Brain Farm skateboarding film ‘We are Blood’ have shaped him as a filmmaker.

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